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Dr. Mohammad Nazzal

Community integration of people with disabilities, Occupational participation, pediatric and neuro-developmental rehabilitation and qualitative research.

Dr. Hikmat Hadoush

Implementation of the sophisticated brain mapping and stimulation techniques in the field of Neurological rehabilitation.

Dr. Khader Almahdawi

Teaching and researching in the field of adults' physical dysfunctions particularly of neurological challenges, assistive technology, occupational stress, education, and accommodating individuals with special needs and integrating them in community.

Dr. Hanan W. Khalil

​Neurological rehabilitation of Neurodegenerative diseases; their impacts on mobility outcomes and health-related quality of life with special focus on finding strategies to promote engagement in independent exercise programs in these populations.

Dr. Fidaa Al-momani

​Cross-cultural adaptation of Rehabilitation assessments and Geriatrics.

Dr. Mahmoud Alomari

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy rehabilitation.

Dr. Alham Shorman

 Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and sleep disorders. 

Dr. Saddam Kanaan

Orthopedic rehabilitation, sport injuries and lumbar spine surgeries. 

Dr. Mohammad A. Yabroudi

Orthopedic rehabilitation.

Dr. Zakariya H. Nawasreh

Orthopedic rehabilitation.


Dr. Ziad Alhawamdeh


Physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Dr. Nihad Almasri

Neorumuscular pediatric conditions.

Dr. Maysoun Saleh

Pediatric rehabilitation, mainly for children and young adults with cerebral palsy. Dr. Saleh has many published articles in peer reviewed journals and attended many national and international conferences.

Dr. Alia alghwiri

Vestibular rehabilitation, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Science, Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Somaya Malkawi



Dr. Jennifer Muhaidat

Geriatrics, dual tasking, cognitive motor interference, falls, low vision.



Dr. Saad Al-Nassan

Exploring the effects of exercises on protein changes in the skeletal muscle during acute and chronic illness.

Dr. Mohammad Jebril


Dr. Hashem Abu Tariah


Dr. Mohannad Hawamdeh



Prof. Ayşe Karaduman

Paediatric neuromuscular diseases, neuromuscular rehabilitation, swallowing disorders

Prof. Sibel Aksu Yildirim

Neurological Rehabilitation

Volga Bayrakçi Tunay

Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation.

Prof. Akmer Mutlu

High risk infants, early intervention, general movements of preterm and term infants with Prechtl Analysis, children with cerebral palsy and other childhood disabilities and their rehabilitation.

Prof. Özlem Ülger

Prosthetics, Orthotics and Biomechanics.

Prof. Deniz İnal İnce

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Respiratory Therapy, Respiratory Physiotherapy, Intensive Care, Neonatal Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation in Organ Transplantation.

Prof. Tüzün​ Firat

Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Problems, Brachial Plexus Injuries, Peripheral Nerve Lesions and Muscle Architecture.

Prof. Hülya Kayıhan

Inter- disciplinary collaborations to promote participation with an emphasis on an ecological approach to understanding the challenges to participation from the person, task and environmental interfaces. 

Prof. Gonca Bumin

Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Ergonomics, Vocational Rehabilitation, Curriculum development and school based Occupational Therapy.

Prof. Çiğdem Öksüz

Outcome measures, Hand rehabilitation, Upper extremity rehabilitation, Orthopedic rehabilitation and Neurological rehabilitation. 


Prof. Helen Dawes

Exploring underlying mechanisms affecting performance through to service delivery of subsequently developed interventions and tools.

Prof. Karen Barker


Rehabilitation post arthroplasty, Physiotherapy interventions and effect of service delivery models, Non- surgical management of chronic back pain, Limb lengthening and Clinical trials in rehabilitation of common musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Patrick Esser

Biomechanics; movement analysis in (non-) neurological conditions.

Dr. Johnathan Collett

control and measurement of movement, in particular gait, and applying this to neurological rehabilitation, exploring factors effecting fluid intake and evaluating therapeutic exercise interventions in people with neurological conditions, the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials and is the group‘s good clinical practice (GCP) officer

Dr. Dido Green

Translational medicine and inter-disciplinary collaborations to promote participation with an emphasis on an ecological approach to understanding the challenges to participation from the person, task and environmental interfaces.

Prof. Derick Wade


Measures of outcome, investigation of specific phenomena such as hysteria, and studies on the natural history of illness in disabling neurological conditions.


António Alves Lopes


Dr. Patricia Almeida


Tiago Freitas


Pain, Neurodynamics, Dynamic stability training and clinical reasoning in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Prof. Isabel Baleia

Neurological rehabilitation.

Dr. Élia Maria Carvalho Pinheiro da Silva Pinto

Rehabilitation with adults that have Neurologic and Orthopaedic problems.

Sílvia Coelho Martins

Aging (active aging and people with dementia).

Andreia Carvalho Habib


Dr. Dália Nogueira


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