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Clinical Rehabilitation Teaching / Research Laboratory

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Brief description of the lab: 

The Clinical Rehabilitation Research lab focuses on the development of new methodologies to asses and treat various conditions with a broad aim of improving functional status and quality of life of individuals across the life span. 

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The research activities of lab staff is centered around five pillars: 

1) Rehabilitation in neurological conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and stroke

2) Rehabilitation in pediatric including cerebral palsy and autistic spectrum disorders 

3) Rehabilitation in orthopedic conditions including spinal pain, knee injuries and return to sport after knee injuries

4) Trauma- informed rehabilitation in various populations including mental health in refugees. 

5) Empowerment of participation in activities and active integration in community for people with disabilities

A main target of the lab is to support the master students' educational work within the framework of the elaboration of the thesis and dissertation laboratory component.

The lab has been established as part of Erasmus Plus funded project (JUST-CRS) and accordingly was funded to be equipped with a state of art of infrastructure and equipment that enable high quality research. 

The lab is led by a steering group committee which meets several times a year. The committee guides multidisciplinary research agenda in the field of rehabilitation and overseas the preparation and submission of proposals for national and international funding agencies.

The vast range of exciting projects links JUST with experts from nationally and internationally reputable institutions such as Oxford Brooks University (UK), Haccetepe University (Turkey), ESSA university (Portugal).


  1. Movement Science Group, Oxford Brooks University, UK (Movement Science Group - Oxford Brookes University)
  2. School of Physical Therapy, Hacettepe University, Turkey (Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (
  3. School of Health Sciences, ESSA, Portugal (Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão | ESSA)
  4. Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Jordan, Jordan (The University of Jordan :: Amman :: Jordan (
  5. Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Hashemite University, Jordan (HU The Hashemite University|/الجامعة الهاشمية Faculty of Applied Health Sciences)
  6. Department of Neurosciences, Faculty of Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan (Department of Neuroscience (
  7. Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology ( Engineering.aspx)
  8. Centre of Victims of Torture, Jordan ​(Middle East - CVT Jordan | Center for Victims of Torture)

Research themes :

1) Rehabilitation in neurological conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and stroke.

Lead: Hanan Khalil

Members: Alham Al-Sharman, Alaa Jaber, Khader Mehdawi, Hikmat Hadoush ​


2) Rehabilitation in pediatric including cerebral palsy and autistic spectrum disorders

Lead: Hikmat Hadoush

Members: Noor Ismael, Mohammad Nazzal


3) Rehabilitation in orthopedic conditions including spinal pain, knee injuries and return to sport after knee injuries.

Lead: Zakrya Nawasreh
Members:  Saddam Kanaan, Mohammad Yabroudi

 4) Trauma- informed rehabilitation in various populations including mental health in refugees. 

Lead: Mohammad Nazzal
Members: Hanan Khalil

5) Empowerment of participation
Lead: Mohammad Na​zzal
Members: Alaa Jaber, Noor Ismael

​ ​List of Equipment​
​1. Zeno 20’ Walkway System20’ Zeno 3-Layer Walkway Dimensions:  253”x42”x0.5” (LxWxH), Active Area: 240”x24” (LxW), Sampling Rate: 60Hz and 120Hz Sensor: 0.4” square, 16 levels of dynamic pressure, dual control Arrangement: 23040 sensor placed on 0.5” centers in 48x480 grid Power Requirements: 9VDC, Communications:  USB Synchronization: Analog input and integrated metronome circuit Notebook Computer, USB camera.
2. Electromyography (EMG) system

16x Ultium EMG sensor includes: 1x Ultium Receiver 2x Ultium Sensor Docking Station 1x Ultium EMG Adhesive Strips 1x Dual EMG Ag/AgCl Electrode (Box 25 Pouches) 1x myoMUSCLE Software Module 1x Ultium Travel Case 2x Noraxon Dual EMG Electrodes, Box of 2002x skin preparation gel   
​3. High-definition cameras capture demonstrations from different angles​Logi C922Pro stream Webcam 1080p camera for HD Video streaming & Recording at 60Fps Background replacement + Tripod Full HD 1080p at 30Fps / 720p at 60Fps

Streaming Customizable Background Replacement Automatic Low light Correction Capture Stereo Audio From every angle

​4. Sensor-based gait and balance analysis systemPGL PhysiGait Lab 2 Physilog 5+ 1 PhysiGait lab software (Unlimited) + 1 Smartwatch
​5. 5P5 Physilog 5Pack of 5 motion sensors, 5 wearable inertial sensor including 7D, Bluetooth, wireless transmission and high-speed micro USB
​6. Optical Motion Capturing SystemConsisting of: Vicon Vero v1.3 (Qty 8 cameras), Vicon Camera Cable 30m, Lock Lab, Vicon Active Wand IR, 26 port PoE+Gigabit Switch, Blue Thunder IMU Sensor-2 packs, Microball head, Wall bracket, Large PC monitor, Vicon Nexus 2.0  
​7. Biodex Isokinetic System ​System 4, Pro 220VA

Including: Computer, Monitor and Printer

System 4 Pro, Patient Positioning system with Motorized seat height, front-to-back chair adjustment, fully assisted dynamometer height adjustment and side-to-side adjustment

​8. 9 Interactive MetronomeIM station, Preloaded w/100 IM Hours, 2 Wireless Button Trigger, 2 Wireless Tap Mat Trigger, Five new games featuring  

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