​​​Jordan University of Science and Technology has always ensured that its students come away from their experience with knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations, interact productively with others and help provide better services to the community. In JUST-CRS masters program, the outcomes will not only effect the student, but will also show a great impact on society.​

The overall impact of JUST-CRS is very much related to the project outputs. It aims at improving the capacity-building of clinical instructors, staff and students in construim partners in relation to rehabilitation sciences which will boost future teaching. The rehabilitation teaching laboratories at JUST will be improved by setting up the most up-to date equipments in the field of rehabilitation and will become the first Jordanian teaching laboratories that have such teaching facility in the field of rehabilitation which would also strengthen the capacity of the academic teachers and instructors at JUST.

The project will be a hightened enviroment for continous education through the acquision of online learning and teaching forum, and by providing students with the skills to continue their professional development using online resources which will enhancing student's ratio for continous education. Therefor, graduates will receive more employment oppurtionities upon completing the program.  

JUST-CRS graduates which, will be by default part of JUST Alumni, will be approached 2 years post graduation and will be surveyed to assess the success of the program based on curriculum- oriented objectives and market- oriented objectives. The outcomes will be reflected  back into further refinement and modifications of the program which will ensure that the quality of the program remains high and respond well to the continuous changes in the societal and job- market needs.

The project will commit itself to serve the community in any way possible by producing highly qualified graduates and by reforming the clinical rehabilitation practices in JUST-CRS. Affiliated rehabilitation clinic based on evidence-based approaches will increase the quality of rehabilitation services provided for clients in the community. Better services may maximize benefits and participation in therapy for people with neurological or orthopedic diseases. This in turn may help these people enhancing their level of functional independency and accordingly improving their quality of life, in particular for people with long-term neurological chronic condition can potentially reduce the cost as well as the burden of care

The current national and international collaboration between the consortium members is strong, which will enable us to put together grant applications for future EU programs and any other potential funding bodies. Such collaboration brings professionals together, disseminates knowledge and experiences. These partnerships will provide an enviroment to share resources, provide internship, and take part in study and work exchanges in the furure, allowing JUST students to benefit from synergy of information and practical experiences even after the completion of the project.


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