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JUST-CRS organizes an educational and professional development program through Maharat Platform

JUST-CRS has conducted a series of webinars as part of its continuing education and professional development of occupational therapists and physical therapists in Jordan as well as the Arab world. This webinar program is cordially sponsored by JUST-CRS; a funded project by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union entitled (Establishment of an interdisciplinary Clinical rehabilitation sciences master program at JUST JUST-CRS). The online webinars were conducted in collaboration with JUST Maharat Platform; a new free elearning platform for all, hosted by the Centre for E-Learning & Open Educational Resources, Jordan University of Science & Technology.

The program consisted of a number of online webinars presented by a number of Rehabilitation Sciences professors including Dr Khader Almhdawi, Dr Saddam Kanaan, Dr Hikmat Hadoush, Dr Ala’a Jaber, Dr Noor Ismael, Dr Alham Alsharman and Mrs Rawanda Hamdan from Jordan University of Science & Technology, Dr Mais Aldughmi from The University of Jordan, and Dr Haifa Batarseh and Dr Mohammad Madi from the Hashemite University. This training program was attended by almost a ​thousand attendees form Jordan, Arab Gulf, Palestine and other countries. The participants, mainly rehabilitation clinicians, expressed their gratitude for the initiative of organizing such fruitful webinars, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic while everybody is staying at home.

Professor Ziad Albataineh, the Dean of Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, commented that this program is a practical translation of the Faculty and University mission of delivering high-quality continuing education development provided to the students and professional inf the fields of physical therapy and occupational therapy. Also, the Head of Rehabilitation Department, Dr Mazen Alghazo, acknowledged the efforts put into organizing this training program which is considered one of the initiatives to serve the community.

From his side, the director of JUST-CRS project, Dr Mohammad Nazzal, explains that this training program is part of many other activities aiming to expand and spread the knowledge to students and professionals. Besides, this project is a completion of the Train of Trainers program, which was held in the UK, Turkey and Portugal. He adds that this professional development program was supposed to be a regular face to face program. However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and to continue providing the opportunity professional development the project administration decided to conduct this program entirely online, especially that JUST provides the required platforms as well as technological support. He continues that the program includes highly qualified academics form JUST, Hashemite University and the University of Jordan and that the program was widely appreciated and welcomed form physical and occupational therapists in Jordan as well as the Arabic countries.

The Director of the Center of E-Learning and Open Educational Resouces, Dr. Mohammad Al-Smadi, also stated that “Maharat Platform” is a platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that was launched early this year. This platform is a part of JUST mission to disseminate the utilization of open educational resources and continuing education in the Jordanian society. Dr. Al-Smadi has reiterated that Maharat at JUST is the first university platform among all Jordanian universities, and it is a free open educational platform that is being offered free of charge, as a community service contribution from JUST to our society.​

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