​​JUST CRS Professional Develpment Training Program: ToT (Phase 1: conducted in Europe)​​​​

It has been launched within the JUST-CRS project. Jordanian professors and clinical instructors members of the three Jordanian partners (JUST, UJ, HaU) had travelled to Europe and received extensive one week training provided in the three European partners (Hacettepe, ESSA, OBU) from 05/01/2019 to 26/01/2019.​

Thirty JUST-CRS professors and clinical instructors were enrolled in intensive training on a variety of topics at each of the sites.  

At OBU, topics were: Clinical exercise and physical activity, Motion analysis and gait and Clinical Research Governance. At ESSA, topics were: Interdisciplinary practice Models of Practice, Clinical reasoning, Teaching/Learning Methodologies: Developing competencies in Academic Context (CBL/PBL, Flip Teaching), Developing competencies in Clinical  Context ( Clinical education organization and support, and Integrating digital tools in Teaching/Learning Process. At Hacettepe, topics were: Gait analysis and usage of the clinical practice, Scapula based on shoulder rehabilitation, Brachial Plexus lesions and Physiotherapy, early İntervention, and Redcord exercises for sports rehabilitation.

They also had the opportunity to have tours in the preclinical and clinical laboratories of the visited institutions. Jordanian professors applauded the experience that will enrich the teaching and training of JUST-CRS students collaborations with well known academics in the field of rehabilitation, and pledged to present about what they have learned in Europe back in Jordan. 

Thanks to the EU Erasmus Plus Program for support and fund of the whole project.; staff' travel and cost of stay are covered.

ToT at Hacettepe University / Turkey
ToT at ESSA University / Portugal

ToT at Oxford Brooks University / UK

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