Curriculum Meeting #1 (Ankara meeting)

On March 5-7 2018, the second curriculum meeting for the project was held in Ankara-Turkey and was hosted by Hacettepe University. There was a huge effort in between the first meeting in Amman and this meeting to start working on the design of the JUST-CRS curriculum virtually. The aim of this meeting was to finalize the courses structure for the interdisciplinary clinical rehabilitation master's program and to build the course profiles and syllabi. Eight mandatory courses, 2 mandatory clinical courses, 1 thesis course and 15 elective courses were established and agreed upon. Hacettepe Team conducted two important workshops on Bologna process and the establishment of the European system of the ECTS. The JUST-CRS courses were meant to comply with both the Jordanian regulations and the European standards.

After the meeting, all partners were invited to take a tour of Hacettepe University's facilities. They were welcomed by the vice president of the university and the academic staff of the physical and occupational therapy departments. The partners had a chance to see where the students of this master's program would be training. The tour included the main building of the university, the university teaching hospitals, the vocational rehab center and the physical and occupational therapy departments with their attached laboratories and clinics. The staff also presented an overview of the services provided to the patients through these teaching facilities.

As the main outcome of Ankara meeting, and upon return to Jordan, the grant holder (JUST) was able to submit the initial accreditation proposal for the master's program to JUST administration and consequently The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for approval. ​

ankara meeting2.png

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