News - A group of JUST-CRS Students defend their...
A group of JUST-CRS Students defend their thesis

​Students of the first cohort of CRS have continued to successfully defend their theses. These students are now at different stages of the publication process aiming to dissemination their findings and the outcomes of their work. A list of students' names and their project titles are listed below. Professors from other partner institutions have also participated in the defense committees.

Tamara Lababneh: "The Effect Of Bilateral Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation On The Activity Of Oxidative Stress Serum Biomarkers In Patients With Parkinson's Disease." Supervisor: Dr. Hikmat Hadoush.

Safaa Nazzal: "Occupational Performance And Satisfaction In Daily Life Activities As Perceived By Individuals With Vestibular Disorders". Supervisor: Dr. Noor Ismael (members from consortium: Dr. Isabel Guimarães from ESSA, in Portugal and Dr. Saad Nasaan from Hashemite University).

Amani Ardah: "Comparing Between Typically Developed Children And Children With Hearing/Speech Disorders In Sensory Processing". Supervisor: Prof. Fidaa Almomani. 

Sanaa Shlool: "Differences In Participation Patterns Between Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders And Children With Typical Development". Supervisor: Dr. Noor Ismael (members from consortium: Dr. Meral Huri from Hacettepe University in Turkey).

Eman Allataifeh: "The Impact Of The Motor And Non-Motor Factor On Participation In ADL And Leisure In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis". Supervisor: Dr. Hanan Khalil  (members from consortium: Dr. Ziad Hawamdehi from University of Jordan and Dr. Gonca Bumin from Hacettepe University in Turkey).

Rawan Almomani: Self-perceived Occupational Performance and Satisfaction of Jordanian Stroke Survivors. Supervisor: Dr. Ala'a Jaber (members from consortium: Dr. Saad Nasaan from Hashemite University).

Ahlam Al-qudah: The relationship of physical activity with ROM in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Yabroud and Prof. Mahmoud Al-Omari.  

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