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Focused symposium: Educational and Professional Issues of Rehabilitation in Jordan

​As part of the final closing ceremony of the JUST-CRS, a focused scientific symposium entitled "Educational and Professional Issues of Rehabilitation in Jordan" was held. The discussion in this focused symposium was centered around the following three questions:

1) What are the challenges facing rehabilitation professions in Jordan?

2) What can we learn from the UK, Turkey and Portugal?

3) What is the role of Jordanian rehabilitation stakeholders?

The focused symposium panel of speakers consisted of guest speakers from Jordan and Europe; Prof. Helen Dawes from OBU, Prof. Antonio Lopes and Dr. Patricia Almeida from ESSA, Prof. Ayse Karaduman from Hacettepe University, Dr. Hashem Abu Tariah from The Hashemite University, as well as representatives of relevant NGOs and stakeholders operating in Jordan. The symposium, led by Dr. Hanan Khalil, produced excellent productive discussion about various challenges and suggested some realistic solutions to challenges facing the rehab professions in Jordan.​

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