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JUST-CRS establishes two state-of-the-art Clinical Laboratories

Finally! JUST-CRS has now established two state-of-the-art laboratories at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at JUST (the host of the JUST-CRS Master program) to serve students’ needs in the program. The two laboratories, equipped with around 250,000.00 Euros worth of equipment, are the clinical neurodevelopmental laboratory and Movement science laboratory will serve the preclinical laboratory sections of.multiple courses, such as orthopaedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, motor learning, and research methodologies. 

Thanks to the Erasmus Plus generous fund, two rehabilitation laboratories for “movement sciences” and “neurodevelopmental rehabilitation” have been equipped in JUST university with the vision to be the center of excellence in clinical rehabilitation training in Jordan. The two labs contain unique and high-quality specialized equipment such as the Optical Motion Capture System from Vicon, IsoKinetic system from Biodex, Gait mat from Zeno Walkway, The Electromyography 16-chanell system from Noraxon to name a few. These laboratories were intended to provide the CRS master students with the most up-to-date equipment needed for their study modules and clinical courses as well as the research courses and thesis work. 

This lab included sophisticated high-quality equipment with advanced technologies that will help to further advance research, teaching as well as training current and prospective JUST-CRS students. The project coordinators are also planning to compose a research group to conduct studies using advanced research methodologies using the installed equipment. The plan is also to collaborate with other professors and clinical researchers from different local and international universities.

You can check the requested equipment by visiting the link 

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