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Dr Patrick Esser participated in teaching mobility to JUST to teach at JUST-CRS

Dr Patrick Esser is a distinguished member of the Movement Science Group based within the Centre for Movement, Occupation and Rehabilitation Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, Uk.

Dr Esser has conducted teaching mobility and participated in teaching our first/Second Cohorts face to face at the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at Jordan University of Science & Technology (the host of the master program).

Prof. Esser has taught the modules of gait biomechanics research and theory and technology and long term conditions. These units are part of the CRS master program course; CRS 791 Research Methods in Rehabilitation Sciences. Students interacted enthusiastically with Dr. Esser who applauded the students’ interest in learning and discussion.

The JUST-CRS master’s program has hosted a number of international lecturers and speakers from partner European institutions as part of JUST-CRS Implementation Work package.

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